How to Deal with the Steal-stop Problem of the Rolex Watches

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For the Steal-stop problem of the rolex watches, you can manually wind the watch and observe the travel time. If the time is much slower within 24 hours, you can judge it as the steal-stop problem, and if the travel time is normal, but stops the pendulum, it can be known as short of power reserve.

Some Rolex watches’ automatic chain efficiency are low, which need the arm activity be larger, and if you are wearing a watch to type on the keyboard and the wrist range of motion is too small, the chain winding efficiency is very low; but if you don’t manually wind the watch, you can make the watch dial down to flatly sway for several minutes every night before going to bed.

How to prevent the steal-stop problem of the Rolex quartz watches?

The ways to prevent the Rolex quartz watches steal-stop problem are relatively simple: timely replace new battery when the Rolex watch is at low battery. In use process of the Rolex watches just avoid strong collision. If your rolex replica watches happened steal-stop condition, you should be timely to send it to professional Rolex watch repair organization for maintenance. A lot of friends have some errors on the maintenance of Rolex quartz watches, and they think quartz watches will be ok by changing new battery when it is under the condition of the low battery, and neglect to the maintenance of the quartz watch. Quartz watches and mechanical watches are the same which need the watch movement maintenance, but just because of the different structure and the smaller loss, the maintenance for the quartz watch is in about 4 to 5 years per time, but the mechanical watches need to be maintained every 2-3 year per time. Anyway, just have a good maintenance for your Rolex watch to have a higher collection value.